About VeTech

VeTech Software Solutions is an innovative software house situated in the city of Esbjerg in Western Jutland. We specialize in developing custom made software solutions for B2B clients and are especially experienced in data collection, process control and man/machine interfaces for both Widows and Linux platforms, as well as software for iOS and Android devices.

At VeTech the needs of the customer and the intended users are central to the way we work, as we wish to be a competent sparring partner to our customers and because we believe that the optimal solution is found through a constructive dialogue. As a result of this thinking, we also like to take part in all phases of a project, from specification through design to implementation and commissioning.

It is important to us to see where the action is; where the software will be used and under which conditions it has to work. By experiencing things from the user perspective, we are better equipped to advice the customer and then together we can find the optimal solution matching their needs and develop the best software benefiting all parties.

Because we believe that excellent software is unnoticeable, as the value won’t be apparent until it stops working!