Data Exchange with AS2, X.400, EDIFACT

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more projects where there has been a demand for information about product / products from multiple systems.

Especially, we are experiencing it in projects for our international customers, where they have taken the opportunity to exchange information about the status of a product / product in a safe and standardized way between vendor, customer and carrier.

Here it is primarily a setup around AS2 (Applicabillity Statement 2) is the favorite, probably because our customers often have their roots in the US while you often see X.400 for customers in Europe.

Whether it is AS2, EDIFACT or a completely different standard is, in principle not so important. What is interesting is the ability to exchange information between different partner, in an automated, standardized and safe way.

We are currently working. on a project for a client that involves the exchange of EDI'er between many different partners, and with almost as many different EDI formats. But common to all is that they want to get information about a product or service, as another "supplier" has - as fast and as safely as possible.

By using standardized EDI formats you ensure that information is exchanged safely and quickly, and that it is relatively easy to implement in the running systems with them you have to exchange data with.