Section of our customers

Maersk H2S Safety 


Developing planning tool for use in the daily management of employees and equipment in offshore projects. The project included the entire process from specification to final commissioning of Maersk H2S Safety Services. The software solution includes a MSSQL database backend and Windows application.

Melin Medical AS


Development of a complete payment system for the Norwegian health care sector. The project covered the whole process from the first preliminary specifications till today where more than 1000 payment terminals are located in medical clinics across Norway.

The system handles more than 50,000 thousand payments a day.


BEAS Payment Solutions



For long a time, VeTech has developed payment systems, accepting both cash and credit cards, for BEAS. And together, the two companies create specialized solutions related to payment handling and car parks, when the existing solutions do not meet the demands or wishes of the customer.


MacArtney Underwater Technologies


For MacArtney Underwater Technologies, VeTech has developed a "digital" cockpit for the purpose of controlling and monitoring a submersible ROV, to be use in marine assessment and inspection of oil pipelines.

For the project, VeTech developed an application, which through a series of high-speed serial channels, communicates with the ROV to determine its location in the water, as well as controlling and monitoring its work. 

Andritz Feed & Biofuel   


Through the years, VeTech delivered several software solutions to Andritz Biofuel Technologies. Among others, we have developed a production planning tool with a direct interface to Zenon SCADA.

The system is used worldwide for the planning and management of production in factories. 

Scandinavian Auto Logistics - SAL

For Scandinavian Auto Logistics in Esbjerg we have developed a complete track and trace system for handling the distribution of new cars to retailers and end customers.

The system exchanges data with a large number of the world's largest automakers and distributors using various EDI standards and communications protocols.